Dr. Anthea Lake

Head of School & Director of Education

anthea photoAnthea’s background in education, which covers over 20 years of teaching, is focused around the post compulsory and career-related education sector. Anthea specializes in teaching the group 3 individual and societies classes, which include Information Technology, Economics, History and Business and the group 4 computer science class.

Over the past six years she has worked as a Consultant, Site Visitor and Online Workshop Facilitator for the International Baccalaureate Career Program.

Anthea graduated from the UK with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Systems, a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Development and a Masters in School Leadership and Management. She has just completed her PhD in Professional Studies in Education – where she has written a paper entitled A Case Study Approach to Successfully Embedding a Specialism in the High School Curriculum. This paper presents an aspect of action research through a case study project, on schools embedding career related education into the high school curriculum.