How it Works

ICL Academy is the Private School of the future here today! ICL has the World’s Best Curriculum taught by the most inspirational teachers. The ICL leadership course ties the school together and separates ICL from traditional schools. Being a private school in the cloud allows the ICL mission to spread all over the world.

The combination of ICL Academics and the leadership curriculum yields incredible results. Aside from exceptional college placement,ICL students have completed hundreds of innovative service projects that have a positive impact on people around the world. We are proud of our young global leaders and their work on every continent and in over 40 countries.

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The on-boarding process includes:

  • Diagnostic testing and assessment of student’s academic level
  • Understanding each student’s needs and time constraints
  • Understanding student’s unique passions
  • Introduction to ICL Academy Leadership course

ICL recognizes that High School is the critical time for establishing discipline and time management for completing coursework in preparation for college.  ICL develops a personalized academic plan for every student where no two journeys are the same.

After a student is enrolled they meet with either the Head of School or Academic Dean in order to go through their personal and academic goals.

Course Structure: ICL Academy courses are delivered asynchronously with some synchronous elements.  Classes incorporate a ‘flipped classroom’ model where students learn their lessons online and then join interactive discussion rooms and weekly conferences to work in small groups to fully digest and apply the coursework. Each class includes assessment tests and research projects just like a regular “bricks and mortar” school.

Time Commitment: ICL assumes high school student’s daily coursework entails around four to five hours each day. The amount of time students spend on coursework can vary depending on the level of courses they are taking (AP, Honors, gifted and talented, etc.), their chosen electives, and the number of clubs in which they participate.

Mentorship: While ICL Academy is predominantly an online school, it is still a highly personalized program whereby teachers develop a strong mentoring relationship with each student. Teachers hold traditional-style ‘office hours’ online to advise and support students with questions and issues. Our teachers are certified professionals, many with decades of experience.