Why choose an online school with a focus on leadership?

ICL Academy recognizes that in today’s world some students need more flexibility to pursue their passions. We also know that students can help change the world from a young age. By combining outstanding academics with award winning leadership training, ICL believes best prepares students to fulfill their dreams, as well as to have a positive impact on society as global citizens.

What is the history of ICL?

The Institute for Civic Leadership was founded in 2001 after the tragedy of September 11. Its mission has been to inspire and educate the next generation of young student leaders to take positive action in their local and global communities.  Technology and partnerships has allowed that mission to grow and come to fruition in the form of a unique online high school that blends world-class academics and ICL leadership training.

Who can take ICL ACADEMY online courses?

We offer students in grades 9-12 the option to complete courses online or in a blended environment. Many different students benefit from flexibility in scheduling and personalization that online and blended learning options offer, including those who train, travel, compete, and perform ― athletes, dancers, actors, and musicians ― as well as home schooled students or anyone seeking one-to-one support. The interactive learning space provides students with a personalized, dynamic, and flexible learning experience to meet their needs and academic interests.

Does ICL offer both AP and IB courses?

Yes, we offer both IB and AP courses. Renowned for the highest academic standards and assessment, both IB and AP courses are looked upon very favorably by colleges and universities.

What is the IB : International Baccalaureate?

The International Baccalaureate is an academically vigorous program for students in preschool through grade 12. The IB teaches students to think critically, creatively, ethically, and globally; and to become lifelong learners. Recognized worldwide as one of the most challenging academic programs — the “gold standard” in pre-university preparation — the IB provides the ideal academic framework for educating internationally minded problem-solvers — culturally agile, bilingual, and even trilingual — positioning them for success in today’s global marketplace. No other curriculum fits better with Dwight’s vision of educating the next generation of global leaders.

What is the AP: Advanced Placement?

Established in 1955, College Board develops and maintains guidelines for the teaching of higher-level courses in various subject areas. Courses following these guidelines are designated “Advanced Placement (AP),” and students in these courses can take AP examinations to document their level of preparation for future study in college. Unlike the IB, which has a specific philosophical and pedagogical underpinning, the Advanced Placement allows a multitude of approaches and uses in schools. The goal of Advanced Placement is to provide a benchmark readily understood by universities. Dwight Global offers students a full complement of standard AP courses.

What subjects are available online?

We offer numerous AP and IB courses. Please see our Curriculum for a listing of all of our online courses.

How many courses can I take at once? Is there a minimum number of courses I must take?

In addition to the full-time program of five to six courses, we offer part-time enrollment and individual course enrollment.

What’s a typical week like for an online student?

Students with a full online course load take five to six courses per year. Each course is self-paced with weekly modules. Core courses require approximately four hours a week each, while electives require approximately three hours each. Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses require a time commitment of five to six hours weekly.

What’s an online class like? Is there a discussion?

The academically challenging and engaging courses are asynchronous structured around live discussion meetings. In classes, with a maximum of 15 students from around the world, our teachers introduce weekly lessons. Instruction is guided through explanations, resources and materials, and interactive use of media. Teachers provide feedback to promote lifelong learning habits, as students develop communication, organization, research, and social skills. Students meet with their online teacher in each subject and instructional coach in real-time typically once every two weeks. Language studies involve weekly conversations with the teacher.

What if I have a question about school work? How do I contact my teacher and what support can I expect?

Students work in a safe and supportive online environment, where they have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and ask questions. Our faculty is always available to help. Teachers can be contacted via email and Skype to answer questions and provide support. Students have many opportunities for one-to-one contact with teachers and to ask for help. Our online students feel just as supported as our traditional classroom students do. Parents can also contact teachers to monitor their child’s progress.

How are science lab requirements handled for online classes?

Science lab requirements are fulfilled by hands-on laboratory experience, comprising at least 25% of class time. Students perform labs at home using safe and inexpensive “kitchen” materials. They also work on simulation-based inquiry activities and observe teacher-assisted video experiments performed using high-tech equipment that yields scientific data. Experiments culminate with laboratory reports based on the scientific method.

Which classes have a lab requirement that will require in-person studies?

Lab intensives are offered during the summer to fulfill AP in-person lab requirements.

How will I be graded?

Students are graded on participation, homework, quizzes, projects, reports, and tests. Parents receive a progress report at the end of each trimester and an end-of-year transcript for each grade level.

How do universities view certificates in individual IB courses?

The IB program is highly regarded by top universities. Universities are very familiar with the rigor of individual IB courses (certificates) and how well they prepare students for college-level work. ICL Academy recommends taking at least two IB courses to demonstrate a challenging IB course load on college applications.

Do colleges accept ICL ACADEMY courses? How do universities perceive an online education?

Yes, colleges and universities will accept ICL’s online classes for admissions. If a student receives a strong score on an AP exam or on a Higher Level IB exam, he/she may enter college with advanced standing credit or place out of introductory-level courses (each school has its own policy and students should check with the college or university directly). Colleges and universities understand that online courses help to promote lifelong learners, and view our online courses similarly as those taken in the classroom.

Are ICL  online courses NCAA-approved?


How does ICL ACADEMY ensure the quality of online courses?

We offer a range of online high school courses that are highly interactive and encourage meaningful collaboration within a small online cohort of students. These courses are designed, developed, and taught by our experienced faculty. Our curriculum promotes the development of open-minded, independent thinkers who can apply what they have learned in the real world. Program evaluation surveys provide regular feedback about student learning, participation, and assessment. We work on an ongoing basis to add new courses to expand the range of choices for our students based on their needs and interests.

Will I receive any guidance in selecting courses?

Yes, our online course director and college counselors will help guide you in the course selection process.

What are the technical requirements for taking online courses?

Our course-hosting infrastructure is designed for maximum compatibility and minimal requirements: Students need a notebook computer with a Windows or Mac operating system. If you want to view our online platform, Canvas, on a device with a smaller screen, we recommend using the Canvas mobile app.

What are the graduation requirements for the ICL ACADEMY Diploma?

  • 4 credits of English
  • 3 credits of Mathematics
  • 2 credits of Science
  • 2 credits of Social Studies – World History, US History
  • 2 credits of Foreign Language
  • 3 credits of Arts/Electives -Leadership + 2 years arts
  • 2 credits of Physical Education

Is financial aid available?

ICL is an educational youth leadership organization and has a long-standing commitment to its financial aid program, which allows students to have an independent school education regardless of their family’s financial circumstances. ICL Academy values enrolling a highly qualified student body with diverse talents, interests, and backgrounds. Recipients of financial aid must reapply each year and all financial aid information is kept confidential. In addition to the parent statement, families must attach all required tax documents and W2s to the financial aid form. For more information, please contact alake@iclacademy.org.

What are the application requirements?

  •    Contact us via email at alake@iclacademy.org to make an initial inquiry
  •    Fill out an online application
  •    Submit your test scores; previous classes taken and transcripts
  •    Schedule a visit to join us for a class and for an interview, if you live nearby; otherwise, schedule a Skype interview

Should I take SAT Subject Tests, if I am taking College Admission Tests like SAT or ACT?

Presently, homeschooled online students at a variety of competitive colleges require three subject tests. To show their ability in different areas and make a stronger portfolio, we strongly recommend online students take the SAT subject tests and plan for this in advance.

Why do students have to take a leadership course and do a social impact project?

ICL Leadership curriculum is a critical course to build a student’s Emotional intelligence. The Leadership course is also a great advantage for a student when applying to college as it will set him or her apart from other applicants.

Is ICL Accredited and Recognized?

ICL is accredited by WASC and is NCAA certified.

How was ICL’s curriculum created?

ICL has partnered with the ICL Academy school to advise and help develop the very best high school online curriculum for grades 9-12. ICL Academy uses the 140+ years of its partner Dwight School’s academic excellence combined with the ICL leadership curriculum to bring forth truly the best in high school online education.

How Was the Leadership Curriculum Created?

The award-winning ICL leadership curriculum was created over 6 years with the support of Columbia University, the Echo and Green Foundation, The United Nations Cyberschoolbus , MTV Foundation, CitiFoundation  and many others.  It has been tested and proven successful during ICL summer leadership camps where students have used the curriculum to complete hundreds of local service projects and received numerous accolades, including multiple congressional medals of service, and the honor of opening the NASDAQ stock exchange in recognition of ICL’s outstanding community service and leadership.