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The Institute For Civic Leadership is an international award winning youth leadership nonprofit organization that has been working for over fifteen years to inspire, educate and help student leaders take action and make positive social impact in their local and global community.

Each year, we raise scholarship funds that send outstanding student leaders to school and training academies and finance our students’ service projects affecting people all over the world.

Your donations and support are essential to the continued success of our mission.
Every dollar goes towards helping student leaders achieve their potential as artists, philanthropists, and agents of change.

The ICL is a registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity # 232314 federal ID # 134157508

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Testimonials from our Champions

“Programs like this are what make the world stronger and are the secret weapons to combat ignorance and intolerance.”

kofi anan

Kofi Annan
Former Secretary General of the United Nations

“The ICL is a model for change and highlights the power of youth and their ability to directly impact the lives of others.”

malcolm gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell


“The ICL is truly the type of catalyst for change that has real tangible impacts on youth and their local communities”

al gore

Al Gore
Former Vice President of the United States

Al Gore
Former US Vice President