ICL Academy

ICL‘s mission is to inspire and educate the next generation of student leaders
to be innovative catalysts for positive change in their local and global communities.




Developing Leaders:

From an Initial Spark to Impassioned Academics and Social Entrepreneurship

  • 143 years of academic excellence combined with 16 years of service to youth and our communities
  • 100s of schools and communities affected in over 30 countries on six continents
  • 100’s of local and global service projects completed across the globe
  • 1000s of social entrepreneurs successfully taught to become agents of change

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History, Mission & Vision

The ICL Academy inspires and educates the next generation of youth leaders, we encourage students to follow a personalized course of study and gain hands-on experience alongside industry experts. At ICL Academy, students will not only earn a high school diploma, but also get a head start in their careers, and pursue areas of passion through meaningful service projects. We seek to enroll students who “dare to dream,” have the courage to take risks, and show leadership through action.

Answering the ICL call to action of inspire, educate, innovate, our program is the first of its kind to link the 143-year academic tradition and curriculum of the Dwight School combined with the ICL’s award winning Leadership and social entrepreneurship program to create the most innovative and effective private online high school in the world!

Through our award-winning academy and programs, we teach students how to become service leaders, how to nourish commitment within a community, and how to accomplish immediate and long-term goals. In essence, we educate them to know themselves, their talents, capabilities and deepest passions, and provide them with a world class high school education coupled with a tool belt of leadership skills providing them a lifetime of civic involvement and significant social contribution.

At ICL Academy Students Gain:

  • World’s best academic offering with 143 years of tradition behind it
  • World class academics personalized specifically for them
  • Outstanding college guidance
  • Award winning leadership and social entrepreneurship course
  • Supported flexible programing
  • A personal student advisor
  • Small group study to meet the specific needs of every student
  • The world’s best faculty!
  • Outstanding time management and communication skills

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Results That Count:

Following the footsteps of ICL Champions, ICL graduates become global leaders. They are prepared to be positive agents of change. ICL students reach far beyond attending the top colleges and universities, they create a lasting social impact while still in high school. The flexibility of the ICL program allows them to pursue their passions while studying their academics and gaining valuable leadership skills.