The Next Generation of Leaders

ICL students strive to be catalysts for change in their communities. We’ve fused academics and character education in bold ways that prepare our students for success.

We’re developing the next generation of leaders

All ICL Academy students participate in our award-winning leadership training, where empathy, innovation, and commitment to social entrepreneurship are infused into their coursework and training. With a groundbreaking gamification approach that enables students to earn badges as they achieve different levels of leadership, our students don’t just learn the importance of participation, the power of purpose, and how to optimize their personal learning and leadership styles – they experience it. Plus, our student contract – unlike any other – creates the roadmap that incites student agency, energy, and passion.

We believe true leadership stems from innovation and action, and to be truly innovative, students must develop self-awareness, self-discipline, and empathy. We shift students’ mindsets to help them facilitate the changes they wish to see in the world – and it’s this agency over their academic and training journeys that makes all the difference.

ICL has supported students whose direct efforts have gone on to build hundreds of schools and facilities around the world. With partners, ICL has invested millions of dollars  to create unique opportunities for students to gain the knowledge and skills needed to be catalysts for change. Our students have attended youth leadership conferences at the United Nations, conducted sustainability for school initiatives, and aided international projects in China, India, Peru, Saudi Arabia, and Tanzania.