Our forward-looking approach is rooted in blended learning, where students pair the latest technologies with proven online learning strategies.

With our expertise in online learning 2.0 — a vast improvement from the isolated, robotic approach of online learning 1.0 — the ICL experience is bespoke, designed to engage students in the pursuits they’re most passionate about, with individualized attention and custom personalization. 

The ICL principles of learning and student growth are based upon the concept of personalization and empathy for each individual student. We support and guide students as they work their way from the fundamental stage of their individual passion through mastery, balancing IQ with EQ.

ICL academy is reinventing the way distance learning happens with on-line version 2.0

Embracing young people’s innate curiosities

ICL has invested the time and resources to create a proven curriculum that challenges students with rigor and high standards, but at the same time, answers the age-old burning questions facing each generation of high school students: Why does this matter? How is this relevant to me and my life?

Great Teachers, Real-World Learning

Effective teachers form the core of great education. ICL Academy teachers are educational coaches and mentors who go from being the “sage on the stage” to the “guide on the side,” forming true partnerships with students and embracing the  flexibility needed to pursue their talents. Their role? To inspire, guide towards innovation, and be a constant touchpoint for students.

Helping Students Manage Their Time

Managing a personalized schedule in the virtual space may not come easy for all students. Our teachers and mentors will assist students in creating their virtual calendars, establishing priorities and acquiring essential executive functioning techniques. The ICL teachers understand the importance of great organizational skills in order to ensure academic success for all students.

What sets us apart? Our Masters.

ICL Academy courses are led by Master Teachers. What differentiates them from other online learning programs is their expertise — our teachers are experts in their field who bring a breadth of knowledge and experience to each and every course. They’re passionate about making their academic courses come alive, and strive to make difficult concepts more digestible and relevant to each students’ lives.

Flipped classrooms for maximum flexibility

Classes incorporate a “flipped classroom” model where students learn their lessons online and then join interactive discussion rooms and weekly conferences to work in small groups to fully digest and apply the coursework. Each class includes short formative assessments, tests and research projects, just like a traditional brick-and-mortar school.