ICL Academy support structure provides students with the resources to help them become empowered learners
ICL Academy's Support Structure

ICL Academy’s support structure provides students with tutoring and academic resources. Our academic support, engagement support, and behavioral support are all here to help students grow so they can perform at their very best. Whether it may be additional assistance in subject matter material, advising resources for students with additional scheduling needs, academic skills coaching, strategies for students to identify learning strengths, wellness resources, and beyond – ICL Academy has it all.

Academic Support

ICL Academy’s Academic Support: ICL Academy’s live teacher support and academic mentorship ensures that students can interact regularly and frequently with their professors. Students get to know their instructors, which also provides regular opportunity for interactive discussion, individual guidance, and the chance to establish mentorship. Students who tend to work better with the help of accessible and supportive instruction can benefit from live, synchronous support of our master teachers.

Our students come to school with a diverse set of talents, and one of the great joys of attending ICL Academy is finding other students who share your passions and interests. Another joy is the opportunity for students who are strong in a particular subject to work with their classmates who need help in that subject.

Engagement support

ICL Academy provides support to improve student engagement, persistence, and determination in their academic performance. Our master teachers evaluate students based on a variety of effort indicators which track relative effort while remaining as consistent and objective as possible across all students and all subjects. Our engagement support helps encourage students to show a genuine commitment to learning with the creation of a study plan that supports their learning and maximizes their learning outcomes.

Behavioral Support

ICL Academy Behavioral Support: ICL Academy provides behavioral and emotional support during unprecedented circumstances. Our curriculum encourages students to conduct themselves appropriately in class in order to maximize productivity and support a safe and engaging learning environment for others. Students are able to respond accordingly to student and peer viewpoints with respect and consideration while displaying a positive learning attitude. Students are also given the latitude to react well to critique, see mistakes as opportunities to learn, and view difficulties as challenges to overcome rather than finite obstacles. Our staff of committed and caring teachers and counselors proactively strive to provide consultation and discussion for students requiring support in every facet.