Summer at ICL

Catch up, get ahead, and meet your classmates in person!

 ICL Academy has summer offerings for everyone. We have the Summer Semester which is great for students looking to catch up or get ahead. Test Prep for sophomores, juniors, and seniors looking to reach their goal score to get into the college of their dreams. Essay Workshops for students looking to get a head start on their college applications. See more about our offerings below and reach out to our admissions department to get set up for Summer at ICL! 

Courses for Credit
College Courses & Language Offerings
Test Prep
Essay Bootcamp


Our summer offerings:

Courses for Credit

Accelerate your learning by taking classes for credit at your own pace! All of these incredible options can earn you credits to get ahead or lighten your school year load:

  • With the exception of AP classes, all of ICL’s current courses are available asynchronously during our summer term.
  • Advance your world language level, with for credit 1-1 courses in 14 different languages. 
  • Dual Enrollment course through the university of Pittsburgh offer you the opportunity to earn high school and college credit simultaneously. 
college acceptance
ACT/SAT Test Prep Bootcamp

Bring up your ACT/SAT test scores over the summer! Prep for upcoming fall test dates in this 8 week bootcamp totaling 16 classes. Each student will receive an initial, middle, and final assessment that will help showcase your areas of strength and what areas to focus on going forward. 

College Essay Workshop

Learn about the role of your college essay in your application and what makes a compelling essay in this 5 class workshop. Over the course of one or two weeks you will receive 1-1 guidance from the teacher as they outline, draft, and revise your work!

To learn more about our Summer offerings, speak with an admissions counselor!


What are the costs of summer offerings?

Summer Semester: $3,000 per class
Credit Recovery: $500 per class
Dual Enrollment: $800 per class
Language Bird: $3000 per class
Test Prep with Greg: $800 per session
Essay Writing Workshop: $800 per workshop
ACT/SAT Bootcamp: $1450 per student (+$150 test subscription)

HOW DOES ICL ACADEMY ENSURE THE QUALITY OF ONLINE COURSES?How does ICL Academy ensure the quality of online courses?

ICL Academy offers a range of online high school courses that are highly interactive and encourage meaningful collaboration within a small online cohort of students. These courses are designed, developed, and taught by our experienced faculty. Our curriculum promotes the development of open-minded, independent thinkers who can apply what they have learned in the real world. Program evaluation surveys provide regular feedback about student learning, participation, and assessment. Instructors are reviewed regularly and given opportunities to participate in professional development regarding the latest techniques in online pedagogy. We work on an ongoing basis to add new courses to expand the range of choices for our students based on their needs and interests.

Are ICL Academy online classes NCAA approved?

Yes! Our curriculum is NCAA approved through our WASC accreditation.

To what extent will my child work with and be supported by their teachers?

Students will have the opportunity to meet with each subject teacher at least once a week, using real-time video conferencing. Additional one-on-one tutoring sessions can be purchased if needed.

Is ICL Academy different from homeschool?

Yes! ICL Academy is an accredited online private high school. Our programming is not the same as homeschooling where parents choose curriculum and hold primary responsibility for instructing their children while also being responsible for submitting grades to the state. At ICL, you are part of a real school community with live classes, personalized counseling and one to one tutoring support, among so much more! To learn more about our academic programming, please see our academics page or contact an admissions counselor.

What is your tution and do you offer scholarships?

With ICL Academy your student receives an elite private school school education, with the superior academics, individualized attention, guidance, and connections that prep school affords. We work hard to make our school vastly more affordable than similar schools at $25,000, but on top of that we are fortunate to receive funding support from our Foundation, the non-profit Institute for Civic Leadership (celebrating 20 years of service!), to offer the incredible price of $16,500 a year for full-time. Merit scholarships are available. Speak with the Head of School or our admissions team for more information.