Student Testimonials:

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Oscar, Grade 12: “I was so nervous on how I would keep up my academics when I was getting jobs and auditioning. ICL Academy has been a lifesaver and more fun and beneficial then I ever thought possible. I hope anyone who needs flexible scheduling but cares about great classes come here. I know they are not only educating me for college but for my career as well.”

Getsemani, Grade 11:  “This school is like having a global family. I get to take classes with students in Europe and China and NYC, and we are all friends. I fell completely supported by my teachers, more than I ever did in my old school. I really feel like I am getting the best of all worlds, with great classes and the Leadership course. The Leadership course is really fun and colleges are already asking me about them. My service project based around empathy and tolerance.”

Andrea, Grade 10: “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I love my school! I used to fear going to school and now I am excited. I have so many friends from all over the world. I got to meet up with many of my classmates in NYC as well as a fantastic Disneyland trip. My academics are better than they have ever been and I am looking into going to NYU for Journalism or USC for Film school! Also, I feel like my teachers are always there for me. I can’t believe that they will get on Skype at all hours and are always so responsive with questions and help.”

Mia, Grade 12:  “My teachers and classes are the best! They are extended family. They support me when I am on sets or filming and they always help me manage my time. I learned so much about myself in the Leadership course and really think it is the secret to ICL Academy’s success. It helps me bond with other students and makes us look at ourselves and our lives in a different way. I want to dedicate my life to not only being successful but to helping others!”

Alumni Testimonials:

Dan : “The ICL Changed my life. Because of the leadership training I was able to attend an ICL sponsored trip to Saudi Arabia and also was supported to start my own non-profit organization which in turn helped me get into Stanford University. While at Stanford, I used my leadership and entrepreneurship training to start and sell a company which is in solar energy and making a real social impact on society. ICL really is a game changer and an educational program like no other.”

Maria: “ICL not only prepared me for college but allowed me to advance ahead. I was able to spend time on musical theatre and singing which ended up getting me a scholarship to my number one choice College!”

Brennan: “ICL classes make college easy! I know that the only reason I got a full scholarship to USC Film School was because of ICL. My teachers supported me in my passions and the classes I took accelerated me ahead of my peers. Even though I am a sophomore in college, my best friends remain students I met through the ICL. We all bonded because we were all in similar situations. ICL is like no other online high school, it is the best!”



Elizabeth:  “My daughter got a taste of fame early and her schedule has forced her out of a normal school setting. We searched for a long time for a fitting alternative, and ICL is the greatest! It has given my daughter a love of education, as well as a social structure to make real friends. The ICL leadership course is making her come into her own and we are so proud. Our daughter is getting ready to apply to Harvard and Columbia and has ICL to thank!”

Parent Testimonials:

John: “My daughter has dreamed of dancing her whole life. She has dedicated herself since age 10 , but she is also a great student and dreams of an ivy league college. We couldn’t find a solution until ICL. After ICL she has been able to excel in her dancing as well as academics. She is in the midst of applying to Yale and Columbia and her academics, dancing and leadership project puts her in an amazing position to achieve her dream. I thank ICL college counselors for their support and dedication.”

Retha: “My daughter LOVES her teachers, and they aren’t even physically present. I was skeptical at first but the ICL program blew me away. My daughter is managing her time and getting such personal support. I have never seen her so excited about academics.  The Leadership program is really teaching her a lot. I love that ICL focuses on emotional intelligence and I have seen her grow as a person. I feel that ICL has positioned her for success in life!”

Kevin:  “My son has found his element. He has dedicated himself to training and felt traditional school was not a good fit. ICL is the best program. He has been pushed by his teachers academically taking IB and AP courses. He is so excited for his social impact project and is constantly working with other students online. The ICL teachers and Head of School are caring and supportive and really created a program around my son. It is like a big virtually extended family! Thank you, ICL!”