The Institute for Civic Leadership has served as a multiplier effect, with each participant of the Academy having contributed to touching thousands of lives across the globe.  Opening doors for young people who want to learn how to make a difference is invaluable and immeasurable. The full impact is not just one building or one playground, but a person who can build a dozen schools and be an agent for change.  The key element in this multiplier effect is each and every one of our ICL Global Leaders — dedicated individuals who have used the opportunities presented to them to make a positive impact in their local and global communities.  Click on some of our student leaders below to learn more more about their “ICL stories” and how they are able to truly make service count.


Georgina Auton Georgina Auton



Daniela Pfeffer Daniela Pfeffer



Roy Laguna Chavez Roy Laguna Chavez



Savannah Swann Savannah Swann



Allison Yamamoto Allison Yamamoto



Gabe Frankel Gabe Frankel



Alala Arcos Alala Arcos



Federico Szalkowicz Federico SzalkowiczÂ



Ines Echeguia Ines Echeguia



Amber Moody Amber Moody



Ashton jervis Ashton Jervis



Amelia Gray Amelia Gray



Ashleigh Polinelli Ashleigh Polinelli



Roan Nix Roan Nix



Elona Giubega Elona Giubega



Camila Urcola Camila Urcola



Bryan Laguna Chavez Bryan Laguna Chavez



Zeinab Al Mohanawy Zeinab Al Mohanawy



Sifo Cersosimo Sifo Cersosimo



Jessica Walmsley Jessica Walmsley



Minh Tri Le Minh Tri Le



Rayne Lynes Rayne Lynes



Shayda Swann Shayda Swann



Julia Masselos Julia Masselos



Tom Polinelli Tom Polinelli



Jimena Ache Jimena Ache



Hannah Owen Hannah Owen



SeiMi Chu SeiMi Chu



Sam Needham Sam Needham



Morgaine Auton Morgaine Auton



Camila Amelotti Camila Amelotti