Divya George

History & Art


Divya is super thrilled to be on the ICL Team. She was born and raised in a beautiful city – Bangalore in India. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology Honors at Christ University (India) post where she decided to work as a teaching fellow with Teach for India. Her experience there fostered her love for teaching and strengthened her drive to initiate change. This is her fourth year in teaching. She previously taught students, Humanities & English. Something that she firmly believes and lives by is that we must always do something that we are a little not ready to do, that is how we grow. Currently, she is a Master’s student at University of Glasgow pursuing MSc in Education, Public Policy and Equity. She is extremely passionate about dance and loves watching movies. When she is not working, she’s either trying new cuisines or binge watching the series ‘The Office’ (The US version).