Our Story

ICL Academy – A Quality, Customized Online Private School –

Backed by 150 Years of Academic Excellence
Why Students Choose ICL Academy
  • Choices That Match Your Passions – Choose coursework to match your goals, build the life you want.
  • Master Teachers and a Quality Platform – A caring faculty and an engaging experience where students excel, belong, and thrive.
  • Education for All Areas of Life – Top tier academics plus training for character, leadership, mindfulness.
  • A Best-in-Class Online School from the team who built Dwight Global, our partnering institution, you’ll get the benefit of our 150 years of excellence.
  • Access to Top-Tier Colleges – From enrollment, to acceptance, to graduation, our staff is here to help you achieve and prepare for your future.
Why Parents Trust ICL To Guide Student Success
  • Great teachers – Parents can focus on being parents, not teachers. Your student’s schoolwork is on track with a qualified educator who excels at online learning.
  • The Best of Educational Technology – Enhanced virtual classes offering live teacher office hours, college-style scheduling, an organized digital log for easy progress checks, companion toolkits and resources for parents to help their students succeed, connect with other parents, and integrate with staff.
  • An organized platform that reinforces good behaviors for future success.

Outstanding College Guidance Program – The ICL Academy, with its partner organizations, has helped students gain admittance, and excelled at such institutions as Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Duke, Columbia, USC, MIT, and Tufts


Over the last two decades, the ICL has impacted thousands of students across 40 countries.