ICL Academy receives CAC grant and partners with TheatreWorkers Project

August 22, 2016
ICL Academy and TheatreWorkers Project partnership

Left to right: Dr. Anthea Lake, Sara George, Susan Tanner, Dr. William Linn

We are happy to announce that ICL Academy is among the proud recipients of the California Arts Council’s “Artists in Schools” grant, along with LACHSA, James Monroe HS and CHAMPS. As part of the grant program, ICL Academy will partner with TheatreWorkers Project for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Founded in 1983 and led by Susan Tanner, TheatreWorkers Project is a non-profit organization whose goal is to create an outlet for “ordinary” people’s stories through theatre. Its projects, among many others, have included “Lady Beth: the steelworkers play”, which toured 16 U.S. cities and was co-sponsored by Bruce Springsteen. Over the recent years, TheatreWorkers Project has focused its work on young people.

The program schedule for ICL Academy will include a professional performance of “Isaak”, a play that deals with family relations, resistance to the negative circumstances in the world, and the topic of “bullying” on a global scale, through the eyes of a German teenager during WWII; as well as subsequent acting and discussion workshops.

Ms. Tanner will work with ICL Academy instructors to provide a well-rounded experience for our students, tying together the play and workshops with the school curriculum.