The Institute for Civic Leadership Foundation

ICL Academy Fellows are made possible by a gracious grant from the Institute of Civic Leadership Foundation

After 20 years of providing underserved high-achieving youth with the character and leadership skills to build a better world—transforming the lives and futures of over 10,000 young people, and exponentially more through student service projects—the Institute for Civic Leadership (ICL) is expanding our mission to:

Re-Imagining Online/Hybrid Education for Middle and High School. 

COVID-19 exposed glaring inequities in the U.S. education system, but they have always been there. The ICL was ahead of its time in 2001, when it began helping underserved youth meet their fullest potential. The pandemic did something else, too: it introduced online education to the masses in the crudest, most ineffective and unengaging way possible. But here at ICL, we’ve been perfecting our online model for nearly a decade.

Re-Inventing Education for Middle and High School…

Back in 2013, after ICL’s founder created the #2 online program in the country, the natural evolution of ICL’s non-profit success became clear. We combined ICL’s Impact Learning model of character & leadership training plus world champion mentorship with world-class academics to create the pinnacle in year-round online education: ICL Academy. 


Re-Designing Education for Middle and High School…

ICL Academy is an accredited, top-notch, vibrant school, but it is so much more — it is the vehicle by which we transform education for underserved youth across the globe. 

ICL’s Impact Learning model lowers the cost of great private school education while amplifying results. ICL’s incredible partners Universal Tennis, The ATP Tour, IAE Dance, 6-8 Sports, USA Diving, MLS junior Soccer, Stargate Music, USC Digital Media and Bode Miller Ski Academy become accredited hybrid schools, instantly impacting many thousands more students.

*Author and distinguished scholar of education James Tooley called for education entrepreneurs to develop low-cost, high quality private schools as the solution to the dismal state of US public education and the harsh inequity between private and public school in America. ICL is that solution. We have answered the call.