Foundation to Mastery

Our methodology takes learning far beyond traditional textbooks, multiple-choice tests, and rote-memorization exercises. Instead, we believe it is important to provide coursework that will be relevant to every student and their individual passions. ICL curriculum design is predicated upon the principles of the Understanding by Design framework (Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe). Student outcomes are driven by the concept of “enduring understandings”—where knowledge is applied to new constructs, thereby creating a lasting understanding of skills and knowledge sets.

Embedded within every course are opportunities for students to engage in problem solving with classmates while virtually collaborating.. Education is a social practice as much as it is intellectual and ICL utilizes technology to support interpersonal relationships.

Teaching toward mastery

A typical course is separated into “units of mastery;” each student moves through each unit at their own pace. Our master teachers create overarching units of study with scopes and sequences designed to follow a distinct and innovative learning pathway:

  1. Teachers present a unit overview with a video or summary notes relating to the unit’s “big idea.”
  2. Original source documents, digital content, or other materials are used throughout the unit.
  3. Teachers record videos designed specifically to reinforce the unit’s conceptual framework.
  4. Students participate in virtual group discussions of the unit’s relevance to their sport or activity.
  5. Units include assessments and project-based learning opportunities designed to draw connections between the content and the student’s passion.