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ICL Academy: Equestrian unites 150 years of academic excellence from the Dwight School and 20 years of character & service leadership training from the Institute for Civic Leadership (ICL) non-profit in a mission to re-imagine online private education for equestrians.

We are an innovative, accredited Online Private School for grades 6-12 that tailors academics to horseback riding through its award-winning Impact Learning model.

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“ICL Academy: Equestrian serves the equestrian community in a brand new way by growing leaders and lifelong horsepeople with impressive academic achievements.”  

– Traci Brooks, Co-Founder, Balmoral Farm

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“I have devoted my career to educating passionate horsepeople at all levels and I am thrilled that ICL Academy: Equestrian gives young equestrians an opportunity to have rigorous academics without sacrificing intense riding and training time.”
-Piper Klemm Ph.D., Owner and Publisher, The Plaid Horse

Experience Impact Learning at ICL Academy: Equestrian

The Five Pillars of Impact Learning are:


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the five pillars

world class academics

with Equestrian specific coursework

Through an affiliate partnership with the prestigious Dwight School, ICL Academy’s courses are based on the Scope & Sequence of an elite private school education (not the free public school curriculum other online schools use). ICL also offers coursework designed specifically for student equestrians looking to push their abilities to the next level.

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award winning service leadership

Through a combination of conferences, speaker series, summer academies, and award-winning service and leadership courses, ICL has transformed the lives and futures of over 10,000 young people, and exponentially more through student service projects.

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At ICL, however, we don’t just prepare your student to get into the college of their dreams. ICL’s Impact Learning model will equip your child to thrive once they get there, and succeed as fully engaged leaders in college and in life.

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engaging and inspiring community experience

Students form meaningful relationships with peers, teachers, staff, mentors, and advisors through their ‘passion pod’ collaborations, live teacher instructional office hours, and live virtual or in-person school events, meet-ups, student-led clubs, and in summer abroad programs.

world champion mentors & partners

ICL is the only online private school with world-renowned champions. Such as Carleton Brooks, 2021 USHJA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, 2020 USEF Overall National Horse of the Year Rider/Trainer, and 2019 National Show Hunter Hall of Fame Inductee.

To what extent will my child work with and be supported by their teachers?

Students will meet with each subject teacher at least once a week, using real-time video conferencing. Teachers also provide the opportunity for students to meet one-on-one during office hours for academic instruction and support. Additional one-on-one tutoring sessions can be purchased if needed.

Will my student be interacting with their teachers and peers?

Our Cambridge-style weekly seminars are designed to be highly interactive and collaborative. Students also have the opportunity to interact with peers during clubs and special events.

Are ICL Academy online classes NCAA approved?

Yes! Our curriculum is NCAA approved through our WASC accreditation.

What is your tution and do you offer scholarships?

With ICL Academy your student receives an elite private school school education, with the superior academics, individualized attention, guidance, and connections that prep school affords. We work hard to make our school vastly more affordable than similar schools at $25,000, but on top of that we are fortunate to receive funding support from our Foundation, the non-profit Institute for Civic Leadership (celebrating 20 years of service!), to offer the incredible price of $16,000 a year for full-time. Merit scholarships are available. Speak with the Head of School or our admissions team for more information.

What are the specific admissions criteria? Do you require any formal admissions exams?

We do not require any formal admissions exams. To learn more about the admissions process please complete our inquiry form. Once completed, you will be contacted by our Admissions team.

May I start classes at any time of the year?

Yes, we offer rolling admissions. Students are able to accelerate or slow down their pace at any time during the academic school year. Regardless of their start date, students must complete coursework by the end of the school year or contract for our summer session.

HOW DOES ICL ACADEMY ENSURE THE QUALITY OF ONLINE COURSES?How does ICL Academy ensure the quality of online courses?

ICL Academy offers a range of online high school courses that are highly interactive and encourage meaningful collaboration within a small online cohort of students. These courses are designed, developed, and taught by our experienced faculty. Our curriculum promotes the development of open-minded, independent thinkers who can apply what they have learned in the real world. Program evaluation surveys provide regular feedback about student learning, participation, and assessment. Instructors are reviewed regularly and given opportunities to participate in professional development regarding the latest techniques in online pedagogy. We work on an ongoing basis to add new courses to expand the range of choices for our students based on their needs and interests.