ICL Academy encourages students to strive for improvement, progress, and learning - regardless of where they begin
ICL Academy's Effort System

ICL Academy’s student effort system, badge system, and accountability systems are the key to improving motivation, increasing focus, and strengthening engagement all the way to attaining academic success at every level of achievement. At ICL Academy, our students gain access to resources to address time management, communication, reading comprehension and retention, and other skill sets to help one become a more sophisticated and effective learner.


ICL Academy Student Effort System: ICL Academy’s student effort system fully integrated into our assessment methods. Student effort is assessed based on a combination of factors including the student’s academic record, interests and goals, and evidence of learning. Our master teachers’ instructional practices encourage students to try difficult tasks, ask questions and feel comfortable enough to work through mistakes in order to solve problems with persistence and resilience. Within the accountability system, ICL Academy promotes a culture of trust and responsibility by setting standards and clear expectations, while providing accessible communication and support between families and teachers.

Badge System

ICL Academy Student Badge System: ICL Academy believes all students have the capacity to learn. The ICL Academy badge system is based on the fundamental idea that effective study skills, effort, goal-setting, and motivation play a critical role in students’ academic success. The badge system promotes the development of academic curiosity, diligence, persistence, and intellectual risk-taking, each of which is an essential skill necessary for students to develop into independent, life-long learners. Our badge system encourages a growth mindset by recognizing incremental achievements in each domain of knowledge. The badge system is also designed to provide master teachers with deeper insight into a student’s progress and leads to more effective coaching conversations in the context of recognizing gradual improvement step by step.

Accountability System

ICL Academy Accountability System: The ICL Academy accountability system reinforces incremental effort and evidence of understanding content knowledge, rather than emphasize one singular isolating metric of achievement. ICL Academy students are taught to focus on the process of learning to implement adequate and effective habits into homework and studying. Accountability goes both ways as increasing student effort is critically important for our master teachers to achieve, and because the effort extended by students is an essential determinant of students’ academic success. Our instructors design courses and interact with students in order to improve academic outcomes by increasing students’ confidence in their own capacity to learn.