Dual Enrollment

Earn college credit during your time at ICL Academy with our Dual Enrollment course offerings.

Why Dual Enrollment?

We are proud to offer over 25 college level courses through top universities in the United States. Students who take Dual Enrollment courses get an early start on their college career, while saving money on the cost of a college education. Unlike Advanced Placement (AP) classes, which award credit based on a test, dual enrollment courses award credit as long as the student passes the class. 

Dual Enrollment Courses Offered

College Success

Save money, time, and headache: learn to navigate all of the ins and outs of academia, financial aid, campus life, and how to avoid college’s common pitfalls. Topics include: how to maximize your financial aid, what are the unwritten rules of communication between students and professors, how to evaluate your degree path and future earning potential, the psychology of procrastination, and evidence-based tips for avoiding it, and how to adapt to a learning mindset (even if you haven’t been in school for a while!

Intro to Financial Accounting

Numbers tell amazing stories, and if you have the tools to pull out those stories, it’s like a superpower.” – Professor Kelly Richmond Pope

The Intro to Financial Accounting is unlike any numbers-based course you’ve ever taken: you’ll use true crime tales to decode accounting practices that lie at the heart of every business, and learn powerful financial tools to see the story and balance the books on your own.

If you’re a business owner, CEO, manager—or anyone who’s ever overseen a budget—this course is a guaranteed game-changer.

College Writing I

Dr. John Kaag is the Professor and Chair of Philosophy at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell and Miller Scholar at the Santa Fe Institute. Hand-picked for his passion and charismatic teaching style, and fresh off of his inspiring teaching turn in Outlier’s Intro to Philosophy course, he’s your perfect ambassador to the world of academic writing.

For added perspective, Dr. Kaag will be joined throughout the course by 6 guest lecturers who are all celebrated writers in their own right, including journalists, authors, editors, radio hosts, and playwrights.

Intro to Statistics

This Statistics course is a critical thinking class designed to help you see order in chaos. You’ll gain data analysis tools that help you better understand the world, and make better decisions.

Our 4 renowned instructors will guide you through building your statistical toolkit, and show how statistics are used to make inferences in a variety of real-world situations.

College Algebra

We know math can be scary, so we’ve designed a course that works for “not math people” and mathletes alike. This course breaks concepts down into simple building blocks that are easy to understand, and will show you everyday math tricks that will blow your mind.

Note: If you’re deciding between this course or Precalculus, it comes down to your goals & preferred pace: College Algebra does not include trigonometry, so it has a more relaxed pace and is great for fulfilling a math prereq.


This groundbreaking, cinematic course (from the co-founder of MasterClass) is the perfect gateway to math’s more advanced realms, whether you’re fulfilling a pre-req, getting ready for post-secondary math courses, or just need a refresher before diving into the deep end of Calculus.

Regardless of your reason, our passionate instructors will take you on a riveting ride that is sure to leave you with both a mastery of math’s building blocks and a profound new appreciation for an age-old discipline.

Calculus I

Choose from 3 world-class instructors to find the teaching style that best suits you. Practice your skills with question sets, quizzes, and a gorgeous active -learning-based digital textbook. You’ll have access to our free, friendly tutors and study group if you need extra help.

Using real-world examples from science to sports to human happiness, this painless(ish) course will help you master calculus (and even enjoy some non-derivative laughs along the way).

Principals of Economics

Welcome to the greatest hits of Economics. From Micro to Macro, this course covers the most important introductory economics lessons with real world examples, including supply & demand, inflation, game theory, climate change, and even crypto. Our hand-picked team of charismatic instructors bring each concept to life in a futuristic new format.

Note: This course fulfills an Economics requirement for most non-economics majors. If you are planning to major in economics, we recommend Outlier’s Intro to Microeconomics or Intro to Macroeconomics.

Intro to Psychology

Covering topics from Consciousness to Happiness to Serial Killers, this course offers real-world case studies and the latest tools to understand what makes us… us.

Experience 12 world-class instructors available on-demand in cinematic video. A gorgeous interactive textbook based on evidence-based active learning principles will help you go deeper, and competency-based retakable quizzes will etch these lessons into your long-term memory.

Intro to Business

Welcome to a new kind of business course. You’ll go beyond the jargon to gain fundamental business skills and fluency. From landing that job, to fundraising, management, marketing, and more, this course provides critical tools for modern business. You’ll even come away with a basic business plan.

Using recent real-world examples and his own business savvy, Dr. Jim Mourey will show you that business isn’t just about making money. It’s about how to change the world.

Intro to Astronomy

We are all made of star stuff, and in this college-level Introduction to Astronomy course, we’ll discover just how that stuff wound up creating the universe around us.

The curriculum, filled with jaw-dropping views of the cosmos, explores everything from the Big Bang to the fate of the universe, and will touch on every microcosm of space in between.

Intro to Microeconomics

In this course, you’ll explore what goes down at the wild intersection of money and humanity. Experience for yourself how abstract concepts like supply and demand play out IRL in our high-stakes decision-making games. Play as a business leader and see firsthand how your choices ripple out and impact the big picture.

From game theory to labor unions, and from monopoly to poverty, our 6 world-class instructors use fascinating real-world examples to bring Microeconomics to life.

Intro to Philosophy

Are you living a good life? Who are your real friends? Are you a bad person? When do we eat? When investigating life’s mysteries, the answers you find are only as good as the questions you ask.

This groundbreaking Intro to Philosophy course gives you the tools to ask—and answer—life’s most important questions.

From personal identity and political philosophy to free will and applied ethics, this course will prepare you to live “the examined life.”

Intro to Sociology

Race and ethnicity. Gender and sexuality. Deviance and social control. Family. Religion. Education. Social movements. Through the lens of sociology, the forces and structures that make up the fabric of society become visible.

In this gripping Intro to Sociology course you’ll discover how your individual experiences are shaped by society and how your individual actions, in turn, shape society.

This dream team of instructors hail from renowned Sociology departments. Using examples pulled from the headlines, you’ll see modern life in a whole new light, and be empowered with tools to improve the world around you.

Intro to Macroeconomics

What is money, actually?

This groundbreaking Intro to Macroeconomics course unlocks this mystery, and dives deep into how the economy shapes every aspect of our modern world, from the international order, to our political systems… even future interplanetary economics!

In this course, you’ll discover how the laws of supply and demand play out IRL, explore the relationship between national economies and the global financial system, and even make sense of the US dollar.

4 accomplished instructors use real-world experience and timely examples to illuminate how money makes the world go round.

Computer Science I

At the intersection of logic, art, and magic, we find Computer Science–the force that powers our daily lives. Those who master Computer Science will open doorways and build the future.

In this groundbreaking interactive course, our inspiring instructors and their special guests will take you under the hood of the all-powerful algorithm, teach you to use computational thinking to solve IRL problems, and even show you how to code basic programs in Java.

Other Dual Enrollment Offerings

Our list of Dual Enrollment course offerings is always expanding. Please contact our admissions team to learn more about other classes being added!