ICL Academy: Winter Sports

In Partnership WIth Bode Miller

ICL’s Winter Sports Academy is a first-of-a-kind, full-time online private school for students who are pursuing outdoor sports (7-12th grade)

Full-Time, 7-12 College Prep Private School



  • Real teachers, relevant courses

  • Unique opportunities to interact with professional skiers

  • Live courses + self-paced learning

Join ICL: Winter Sports Academy In Partnership With Bode Miller

Grades 7-12, Enrolling Now

Slide Olympic ski racing champion Bode Miller is launching a winter sports academy to help produce the next wave of standouts. 2010 Olympic super combined champion Bode Miller is hitting the virtual slopes in an effort to find and teach the next wave of world-class skiers. The retired Olympic champion ski racer will partner with the Institute for Civic Leadership Academy to launch a Bode Miller winter sports academy. Read More Read More Read More Slide “We want to create a superstar — superstar kids, superstar people who are involved in the community,” Bode Miller said. “That may sound idealistic, but it’s really an authentic part of our vision, and the DNA of the whole thing.” In partnership with the Institute for Civic Leadership (ICL) Academy, Bode Miller plans to launch an online learning program designed for ski racers, snowboarders, cross-country skiers, and any other sports enthusiast from grades 7-12. Bode Miller Launches winter sports academy - Bode Miller’s go-for-broke, risk-taking style on the slopes put him in a class by himself. Now, school’s in session for that sort of knowledge — a crash course in avoiding those crashes on the course. Read More Read More Read More IN THE NEWS

Bode Miller

U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist

“As a developing athlete, managing time and balancing the demands of practice and competition is so important. The purpose of ICL’s Winter Sports Academy is to help young athletes succeed in academics, life, and competition.”

– Bode Miller