Become a Student

From Application to Graduation

At ICL Academy, we believe that nothing is more important than a great education with great teachers. That’s why we’ve designed the way we teach our courses to be relevant and appealing to students’ interests and digital fluency while maintaining a high standard of academics; the result is a student body more engaged with themselves, their courses, and the world around them. We also recognize that grades 7-12 are critical for establishing self-discipline and time management skills in students, preparing them for college and beyond.

We Make On-Line Learning Work

ICL Academy is a far departure from the current state of online schooling. ICL Academy ensures students connect and collaborate with peers in a once a week live discussion,  as well as conference with teachers at least once a week for feedback.  This method of connection and collaboration motivates students to complete work in a timely manner so that they can participate with peers, and helps to hold students accountable as they check in with teachers.

Self-Paced, with Support

Students can log in and complete their coursework at their own pace. With our blended virtual model, students:

  • Have a weekly live, synchronous session with their teachers and peers in each subject
  • Schedule a weekly virtual “office hour” with each of their teachers
  • Can enroll and begin work at any point during the traditional school year
  • Have access to virtual tutors who are available to assist with course content and executive functioning strategies

Cognitive Skills Assessment

Upon enrolling at ICL Academy, each student is assessed to determine their cognitive abilities. Most schools rarely test cognitive skills because it has historically been deemed to be too time-consuming and expensive. However, assessing an accurate understanding of one’s learning strengths contributes to more efficient and enjoyable learning. We want to be sure our teachers have a complete understanding of our students’ strengths and challenges.

Supporting Different Types of Learning Styles

Classes are designed with real life scenarios to make learning feel relevant and fun (did you know learning math and physics can actually improve your athletic skills!)  Teachers use a Universal Design Approach to offer multiple means of instruction, as well assessments.  This way, visual learners can watch a video explanation, with the option of using supplemental materials. 

We embrace your child’s unique learning style as they work with their mentors, teachers, and other students in real time.  We do this by having teachers monitor their progress daily, and can tell from our LMS system if they have been logging on regularly and understanding material.  If students appear to need additional support, they can opt for a Virtual Learning Coach to help support with academics and executive functioning techniques.

How to become a student

If you’re interested in becoming a student, please CLICK HERE. Our Director of Admissions will contact you within 24 hours.