Whatever area of interest your academy focuses on, ICL Academy molds our innovative academics and character and leadership programs to perfectly fit your specialized goals and programs.

Academy Partnerships: The Dawn of Blended Learning 

Whatever area of interest your academy focuses on, ICL Academy molds our innovative academics and character and leadership programs to fit it. Courses are taught both synchronously and asynchronously, with master teachers and teacher/coaches providing students the ultimate in personalization and flexibility. It’s  tech-inspired teaching and innovative programming…in a fully accredited learning ecosystem.

Are you a sports- or performing arts-based academy? We’re your ideal partner.

ICL provides a “white label” education solution for partner sports and performing arts academies, providing you the platform from which to launch your own branded, accredited high school. If your students typically train long hours and express sincere dedication to the activity of their choosing, establishing your own academy — powered by ICL Academy — might be your next step.

We specialize in bringing school to your students.

ICL Academy offers the expertise, master teachers, award-winning curriculum, latest technologies and digital pedagogy, and more, to become the engine behind your school.  With our innovative approach and keen understanding of the time your students commit to their passion of choice, we embed academic coursework into the training day.

How does it work?

When you contract to become an  ICL partner school, a series of steps occurs to enable the academy to create their own “white label” school.

We provide you with a link to your students’ online school that they can access directly from your organization’s website during the school day; this becomes their “full-time” school.

What you get as an ICL Academy partner

  • All of the tools and content to create your own secondary school for your students
  • Online accounts for each student to access their virtual classes
  • Access for your program’s directors to serve as on-site school administrators
  • Fully accredited and NCAA approved courses
  • Master teachers 
  • School administration, including grading, report cards, progress reports, and transcripts
  • College guidance programming for every student, including college application process and test prep (ACT, SAT)
  • All of the back-end technology, including student enrollment systems, registrar, learning management systems, online student accounts, and parent portal 
  • Website and annual communications and school “push pages” also available*

Working with ICL Academy as your academic partner is simple — we’ve already created the framework to set you up for success. Our proven infrastructure, curriculum, and processes are established and managed for you. All you have to do is:

  • Work with our administration to establish a class schedule and/or timelines for your students
  • Provide your students with laptops (or ask parents to provide them), the time, and framework for learning
  • Appoint a “program manager” who will liaise with ICL for student registration, class schedules, and back-end support
  • Collect all necessary enrollment information from your students’ families

Showcase of Partners

Our interconnected partners and academies offer a wide breadth of specialties to empower students to truly follow their dreams and passions.

Universal Tennis Academy

Bode Miller Winter Sports Academy

Independent Artist Entertainment Academy