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All applicants to ICL Academy – Private Online Leadership High School submit a required online application and are evaluated holistically, with consideration for academic success, attendance, community service and extra curricular activities.

ICL is dedicated to educating and training the next generation of social entrepreneurs and global service leaders. We provide the skills and recognition needed to make the successful connection between passion and service — between ideas and real-world solutions.

At ICL academy, our goal is to harness students’ passions and blend them with service leadership training and world class academics so that each and every student can make a positive impact on society.

When ready, you can initiate your complete online application— including recommendation letters, transcripts, and more—via the links below so that our Review Committee can access them anywhere. Response time for completed applications can vary so speak with our Admissions team—who will be a powerful mentor—at the time of submission.

Your online application must be submitted using SLIDEROOM.