Admissions Overview

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ICL Academy: Message from Our Head of School

How does it work?

Our admissions overview seeks to address commonly asked questions while providing a solution for every family’s unique and important needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there live sessions? How does it work?

One live class per week (on zoom), one check-in per week in addition to customized asynchronous content.

Do we have graduation requirements and are we “college prep?”

Definitely ​Yes – We surpass the minimum graduation requirements of CA and will
leverage our existing strong college relationships and reputation to facilitate the college application process.

Can we help kids with mild​ ​learning differences?

Yes – Due to the small teacher/student ratio, students will be able to work closely with their teachers for support. Parents can also hire a virtual learning coach.

Can students enroll at any time during the school year?

Yes – we have “rolling admissions.” Since our classes are self-paced, students can start at the beginning of their classes at any time.