IB Spanish Ab Initio

This first part of a two-year IB course involves intense language acquisition through writing, reading, listening, and culture, enabling students to reach a higher level of proficiency to communicate in Spanish through their lifetime experience. Students are encouraged to use the language using vocabulary and grammar from previous levels of study.

The main objective of thisSpanish Ab Initio I course is to enable students to develop skills to understand and use the language in different contexts and for different purposes. These skills are taught and developed through a wide rage of authentic oral and written material of different styles and registers. Students create individual, as well as group work, to build upon and improve communication skills in Spanish language.

Spanish Ab Initio II is the second part of a beginners’ course of Spanish of the total duration of two years. Ab Initio courses are one of several choices students have to fulfill their foreign language requirements for the Diploma Program. Building on the foundations laid down during the previous year, Ab Initio II refines students’ ability to converse in the target language, read various kinds of texts (newspaper articles, brochures, interviews, etc.,) and write in a variety of styles.

During the first part of the school year, students acquire a stronger command of Spanish grammar and conversation, and are exposed to the kind of texts they will have to work with during the IB exam. The second part of the school year focuses on the specific tasks required by the IB exams. Students practice picture description for their oral exam, hone their reading comprehension ability on texts derived from previous IB exams, and learn how to write in different styles (formal and informal letters, flyers, articles, brochures, etc.).