IB Spanish B SL

This first part of a two-year IB course involves intense language acquisition through writing, reading, listening, and culture, enabling students to reach a higher level of proficiency to communicate in Spanish through their lifetime experience. Students are encouraged to use the language using vocabulary and grammar from previous levels of study.

The main objective of this IB I course is to enable students to develop skills to understand and use the language in different contexts and for different purposes. These skills are taught and developed through a wide rage of authentic oral and written material of different styles and registers. Students create individual, as well as group work, to build upon and improve communication skills in Spanish language.

The second part of a two-year IB Spanish course offers students an enriched advanced study of language, literature, and culture, but students also continue to work on grammar and vocabulary skills as well. In this course students appreciate different Spanish cultures through the study of a wide range of literature, films, and songs from different Spanish speaking countries.

There is also a strong focus on literary analysis at this level. Students work individually and in groups to analyze, debate, and discuss a variety of issues and texts in Spanish.

Students o are assessed internally by written essays on different topics, using different styles and registers. A ten-minute oral exam internally and externally evaluated is require to perform, and at the end of the year the IB exam.