IB Math SL

This is a two year course.


This course is designed for students who need mathematics in college for business, and courses in science. During the year students will build on the skills that they developed during the Algebra II Honors course, becoming better at analyzing problems, at working accurately and at explaining their methods. They deepen their knowledge of trigonometry and algebra and are introduced to the differentiation and integration of simple functions. They use these calculus skills to solve problems involving slopes of lines and areas under curves, and to solve kinematics problems. They also encounter matrices for the first time in this class.

As part of the course, students have to complete a research essay using topics they encountered during the course. Assessment consists of homework, class quizzes and tests and mathematical portfolio assignments.


This course is the second year of a two-year course. At the end of their senior year they will take the International Baccalaureate Standard Level Mathematics Examination. Topics studied this trimester were advanced techniques of differentiation and integration including trigonometric and logarithmic functions and problems on application include finding areas and volumes. Advanced problems on vectors, statistics and matrices and trigonometry of the general triangle complete the course.

Assessment includes homework, quizzes and tests all based on questions from previous IB examinations. There is a mock exam held before Spring break. The IB Standard Level course requires students to complete two projects, which each count for ten percent of their final IB grade.