React To Film

REACT to FILM educates youth through the power of documentary film to be engaged social citizens of the world.

This high school elective film course helps prepare students for informed, engaged participation in the civic and democratic life of their communities, states and nation — which is essential and consistent with the goals of increasing student achievement and closing the achievement gap.

Aligned with the Common Core State Standards, the REACT to FILM course is carefully designed to be totally non-partisan, and to cover areas such as bias and media literacy.

Each film/issue unit is full of content knowledge, but promotes civic engagement by ending with an action campaign element, so students learn to be active citizens.

The course includes multiple types of formative assessments, easy ways to differentiate instruction, and an emphasis on the Common Core speaking, listening, and writing standards. The metrics used to measure success are pre and post course surveys, as well as a comprehensive rubric to assess each student’s final paper or project.