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At ICL Academy, no 2 students are the same. We personalize and customize each students coursework based on their goals and needs.

ICL Academy combines the gold standard of private high school academics with a globally lauded youth leadership curriculum, positioning ICL students in the best possible way to gain entrance into the world’s top colleges and universities.  The ICL’s innovative method focuses on both a student’s IQ and EQ, challenging them to think critically, reflecting on key social and topical issues, write in depth research reports and delve into comprehensive self assessment by targeting character building as a critical core component of their education.  This, coupled with ICL leadership training and guidance form ICL champions, allows students to pursue their passions outside of the classroom while still in high school.

The essence of a great education comes from great teachers and ICL Academy Courses have been created in partnership with the internationally recognized Dwight School in NYC with nearly 150 years of academic excellence and exceptional college placement.

ICL Courses have been created and are taught by outstanding master teachers. Each teacher has dedicated themselves to creating the ideal learning environment for truly personalized learning.

At ICL Academy we offer over 50 high school courses build for students at all different levels including honors, AP and IB level coursework taught by master teachers.

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