ICL Academy’s academic pursuits foster reflection and critical reasoning, strengthen communication abilities, develop problem solving skills, and promote exemplary intellectual maturity and growth.
ICL Academy students engage in a variety of individual and group projects that build collaboration, teamwork, and critical thinking skills
ICL Academy: Academics at its Finest

ICL Academy enables students to pursue their passions.


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ICL Academic Philosophy

ICL Academic Philosophy Explained: The Pyramid of Mastery 

Foundation: ICL Academy engages students with different learning styles through the use of video, class notes, texts, and audio explanations of key concepts. 

Application: Students internalize the concepts and ‘make them their own’ through lively discussions and assessments where they relate the topics at -hand to things in their life to show a better understanding.

Mastery: When students show how key concepts weave together to build bridges to bigger broader issues , which in turn relate back to their lives or to help build a better understanding of the world around them.

Online Learning 1.0 (Other Online Schools) vs. Online Learning 2.0 (ICL Academy)

With our decades of expertise in online learning 2.0 — a vast improvement from the isolated, robotic approach of online learning 1.0 — the ICL Academy experience is unique and timely, designed to engage students in the pursuits they’re most passionate about, with flexibility and understanding. 

ICL Academy ‘Secret Sauce’

Making academic courses relevant and inspiring to our students ICL Academy has invested the time and resources to create a proven curriculum that challenges students with rigor and high standards, but at the same time, answers the age-old burning questions facing each generation of high school students: 

Why does this matter? How is this relevant to me and my life?

  • Flipped Classroom – Where students learn their lessons online and then join interactive discussion rooms and weekly conferences to work in small groups to fully digest and apply the coursework. Each class includes short formative assessments, tests and research projects, just like a traditional brick-and-mortar school.
  • Time Management – ICL Academy administrators, teachers and mentors will assist students in creating their virtual calendars, establishing priorities and acquiring essential executive functioning techniques. The ICL Academy understands the importance of great organizational skills in order to ensure academic success for all students.
  • Student Camaraderie – Embedded within every course are opportunities for students to engage in problem solving with classmates while virtually collaborating. Education is a social practice as much as it is intellectual and ICL Academy utilizes technology to support interpersonal relationships.

Academics tailored to students’ passions & goals

As a fully accredited online private school for grades 7-12, your student gets an ideal college prep experience designed for today’s students featuring:

  • Custom-made Curriculum – Our custom-made curriculum is based around Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Methodology, which uses a variety of design thinking principles such as discovery, iteration, and experimentation and apply it to ICL Academy students’ experience in the areas of academic, social, and professional development and exploration.
  • Flipped Classrooms – ICL Academy flipped classrooms have both synchronous and asynchronous classes which  blend an enriching combination of real-time interactive discussions and self-paced assignments, making learning accessible for a variety of types of learners.
  •  Flexible Scheduling – Our flexible scheduling and adaptable enrollment models university scheduling and provides time-management capabilities for students to pursue their passions, both in and out of the classroom.
  • Individual Student Pathways – Individual student pathways are trailblazed to the needs, interests, and aspirations of students. We begin by collecting our students’ course requests, as well as information on schedule availability in order to create specific course sections to accommodate student requests and enrollment.
  • Live Courses with Real Teachers – Live courses taught by real teachers provide active discussion, immediate feedback, and personal familiarity through live videoconferencing and lecture broadcasting. Discourse and debate within synchronous online learning allows for dynamic exploration of topics, ideas, and concepts.
  • Tailored Curriculum – Curriculum is tailored to each student’s unique interests. Students are empowered to pursue their interests through lessons and materials that are intentionally designed to integrate their passions with academic learning.
  • Innovative Learning Management System (LMS) – Our innovative learning management system provides a superior framework that helps our administrators, instructors, and students manage, organize, and access educational instruction online. From content creation, assessment and feedback, collaboration tools, progress data and analytics, student and instructor portals, and learning support, our LMS offers advanced features to engage and support our students. 
  • Enhanced Student Information System (SIS) – Our enhanced student information system provides an accessible, streamlined, open dialogue and flow of communication between students, parents, teachers, and coaches.