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Our methodology takes learning far beyond traditional textbooks, multiple-choice tests, and rote-memorization exercises. Instead, we believe it is important to provide coursework that will be relevant to every student and their individual passions. ICL curriculum design is predicated upon the principles of the Understanding by Design framework (Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe). Student outcomes are driven by the concept of “enduring understandings”—where knowledge is applied to new constructs, thereby creating a lasting understanding of skills and knowledge sets.

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ICL Academy values an inclusive and diverse community. Our valuable and diverse student body, faculty team, and partners have enabled us to develop our community and celebrate diversity in all its forms. We understand that our School’s community is enriched by its members’ varying backgrounds, including those of age, cultural tradition, ethnicity, gender, nationality, physical ability, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic position.

We seek to enroll families who will work in partnership with the School to embrace the challenging ― yet rewarding ― situations borne from diversity; furthermore, we will support and advocate for our community, recognizing that different perspectives are valued. We recognize that our community includes our families, faculty, staff, and alumni ― all of whom contribute to the tapestry of ICL Academy.