ICL Academy vs. Other Online Schools PT 2

In this four part blog post, ICL Academy parents and students list out the specific differences between ICL Academy and other online schools options they have attended. See part 2 below!

ICL Academy vs Other Online Schools PT 2

Parent Experience #2

One of the most glaring differences between ICL and our previous online school is the overt and intentional sense of community within the school.  This was something sorely missed when leaving the traditional school setting but it was clear from day 1 that this is a non-negotiable part of ICL’s fabric.  
Leadership and teachers are on the same page and all are just as accessible as they would be if we saw them in person every day.  There is a very real school culture that’s exhibited from all, something I didn’t realize was possible through an online setting.  It’s been a wonderful year and our only regret is that we weren’t at ICL prior to this year! 
Parent Experience #3

Our son switched to Laurel Springs from a local public school for his 8th grade year. He has always been a great student, but struggled through his final year of middle school. He found some of the content confusing and much of it was “busy work.” He went from a kid who looked forward to school to one who became frustrated. 
We knew he needed to try another school, which is when we turned to ICL. He is doing much better with the programming and actually looks forward to his school work. The work is so much more organized and the lessons are fun and engaging. We are so grateful to have found ICL!

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