By Jennifer Faust & Whitney Pratt, ICL College Counselors


…..or rather in polite society we say how to earn scholarship money. 
Students are always asking Ms. Pratt and myself how to earn those  scholarships.  The main characteristic  that separates those students who earn free college money and those who do not is tenacity.  What do we mean by this?   
Simply put, scholarship recipients have the drive to search and apply to any and all scholarships they are eligible for! These students are not deterred if they don’t earn a specific scholarship- they just move on to the next one knowing that victory is just around the corner!
Scholarships come in various forms– government sponsored (FAFSA), privately funded (clubs, organizations, charities), university specific ones (honors college, financial need), and of course athletic scholarships for Division I and II schools. 
There are several excellent scholarship search engines out there.  Two examples are Niche and fastweb.  Some common eligibility criteria for scholarships are GPA, ACT/SAT scores, financial need (FAFSA), 1st generation college students (1st one in immediate family to go to college), or talents (athletic, artistic, etc.)  
There are tons of scholarships each year that go unclaimed simply because students do not apply for them. Think about it this way if you don’t apply for the scholarship you will be guaranteed not to win it.  All it typically requires is the completion of a short essay and resume submission. 
Take the initiative to apply who knows you might come out the big winner!

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