College Guidance

from application to graduation, our staff is here to help students  prepare for their future.

Examples of recent college acceptances include:

As a member of the Dwight Family of Schools, our counselors have worked with students to gain acceptance into a wide variety of postsecondary institutions. 

Our experienced college counselors guide students through the entire application process. Our counselors have years of experience and have developed relationships with many college and university administrators. They spend meaningful time with each and every student to ensure their experience and academic abilities are presented to colleges in the most positive way possible.

Our counselors will help students submit their application and portfolios to the colleges of their choice through Cialfo. They are a cutting-edge college guidance platform designed for students to seamlessly submit every piece of their college application electronically.

ICL students may take part in SAT and ACT prep courses offered by our teachers.

Boston University 

Brown University

Columbia University

Duke University

Harvard University

Stanford University

University of Southern California

Boston College

University of California at Berkeley

Middlebury College

Muhlenberg College

New York University

Northeastern University

Tufts University 

University of Miami

University of Michigan

University of Notre Dame

University of Pennsylvania

University of Rochester

University of Utah

University of Vermont

University of Virginia

University of Wisconsin

Vassar College

Williams College

Yale University